T-Festival 2016 – English

4-th edition, largest so far

T-Festival will take place between May 27 and May 29 on a surface of 12.000 square meters, within the indoor arena, Romexpo – the largest exhibition and convention center from Bucharest. The festival is at its 4th edition, therefore, becoming Romania’s number one business platform for road hauliers.

Within these three days, T-Festival offers the participants the possibility to expose the latest truck models, semi-trailers, motorcycles, components and accessories, sound systems & navigation, equipments and machinery tools, car wash and car services, as well as offers from car leasing and assurances companies.

Also, T-Festival is the perfect, relaxing meeting place, for all the professional drivers and CEOs from the industry, but also for all the passionate persons about trucks, motorcycles and music.

Throughout the whole 3 days, T-Festival wants to connect all the exhibitors with the visiting public, whether it’s the general public or domain experts, in order to offer them the possibility to establish new contacts and connections, to close deals and also, to increase the volume of direct selling.

Come to Romania’s biggest event for the industry of road hauliers!

T-Festival will reward “The most beautiful trucks in Romania”! If you also have an offbeat truck and you want to show it to the general public, we will gladly welcome you to come with it at T-Festival. You can sign up your truck at the following e-mail: elena@t-festival.ro.

Also, within the “Most beautiful trucks and motorcycles” parade, which will take place in the middle of the capital city, your truck will be admired by all the people from Bucharest.

There will be prizes awaiting for you, and at the end of the show you can leave with all the admiration gathered from the public.

At T-festival, you can enjoy yourself while admiring the latest motorcycles models from the auto market, and what it is even more important, is that you will have the chance to see the most original designs, created right by their owners. It is even more special when you consider that few of them were built from scratch. We will organize “The most beautiful motorbikes from Romania” section, as the prizes will not only be substantial, but also extremely motivating.

Because we appreciate our particpants’ initiative and effort, none of the contestants will go home empty handed, as each and every one of them will go home with a prize from us.

You can sign up your motorcycle at the following e-mail: bogdan@t-festival.ro.

For all those who are interested to learn more about the changes and challenges that the leaders from the road hauliers industry are confronting with when it comes to the competition of this domain, we gladly invite you to take part at the International Conference, a discussion about the competitiveness in the road hauliers’s industry IRU-UNTRR. The conference’s theme will be about “Global trends & European challenges in a world which is constantly developing”.

The event’s schedule will be available as soon as possible!

We will organize the biggest tribute music festival ever held in Europe!

Soon there will be plenty of information about the tribute bands that will perform at T-Festival!

Are you interested in cars, trucks or you are simply attracted to this type of industry? Then you are in the right place, because, within T-Festival, a special job market will take place, dedicated to the road hauliers industry as it represents an unique initiative within this kind of market. Also, the most serious problem from this today industry will be approached, which is the lack of professional drivers.

The area dedicated to T-Jobs, represents the perfect meeting place, not only for job offers for drivers, but also for transport managers and more. In order to offer you as many opportunities as possible, T-Jobs will encompasses the transport companies’ stands jobs, offers from driving schools and those of recruitment agencies which will present their job offers for those who are interested in getting a job.

If you are a road hauliers company, a driving school or a recruitment agency, you can sign up at T-Jobs, at the following e-mail ciprian@t-festival.ro.

The companies’ road hauliers’ most experienced drivers are invited to sign up at T-Drivers’ contest. The contest will be developed together with IFPTR, and the winner will receive at the end of the event, not only a motivating, but a substantial prize.

Every truck brand will have a dedicated area for the craft contest, displayed for the general public, which is organized and supervised by IFPTR. Every brand will ensure their own truck’s presence within the dedicated area, as well as the prizes for the craft contests.

We are actively involved in our community’s future and we also support the research’s activity. At T-Festival you can see the latest innovations, researches and especially, prototypes from the transport industry, whether it is at an operation system level or at a prevention one.

Ticket: 10 RON – the ticket is available for a single entrance.

The tickets can be purchased during the festival’s days, directly at Romexpo’s ticket office.

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